Orchestra: Wireless Speaker


Designed and constructed a battery-powered, GF1004-based instrument capable of playing a tone for a specified duration when requested via an mRF wireless command.


















Acrobat: Self Balancing robot

Designed and developed fully self contained Acrobat, which touch the ground only through two coaxially-mounted wheels, and have a center of gravity more than one-half wheel radius above the wheel axis.


Robot is fully self-contained, touches the ground through two coaxially-mounted wheels, and have a center of gravity is more than one-half of the wheel radius above the wheel axis.


Designed and developed Battery powered golfer which point and shoots towards the IR beacon.


Stalker: Follow Infrared Light

Designed and built to track an infrared beacon over a 180-degree arc at a distance between 50 and 90 centimeters.


My electrical design is rather simpler; I have used common emitter circuit where output transitions from a high state to a low state when light in the near-infrared range is detected by the phototransistor.


I used potentiometer to control the sensitivity of my circuit. At output, I have connected H bridge followed by DC motor (I used 30:1 Pulola DC motors). Unit rotates only in one direction when there is no IR light coming from diode; however halts as soon as it encounters IR light.


Labyrinth: Remote Controlled Robot

Designed and built the mobile which can be remotely navigated through a labyrinth


Robot navigates through complex labyrinth effortlessly with 500-gram payload


Stroboscope: LED strobe light

Combined general-purpose I/O with the timer subsystem on the M2 Micro-controller to create a battery-powered, user-adjustable LED strobe light.


Robokey Robot

Robot Participated in Annual Robockey tournament at University of Pennsylvania.



Rink for  Robokey tournament